The most beautiful trail in Franconian Switzerland

Franconian Switzerland
Hiking Franconian Switzerland

“The most beautiful trail among all the trails in the “Franconian Switzerland”, our very own natural park in Franconia, lies in the Wiesenttal!”, so I had been told - even though “most beautiful” is, of course, relative.


Every hiker has his own taste in which trails he loves most, some prefer smooth ascents, others would rather go for something more advanced.


However, there is one thing I can tell you for sure: The trail that starts in the small town of Streitberg, goes along the Wiesenttaltrail to the town of Muggendorf and then continues on the other side of the Wiesenttal (= Wiesent Valley), culminating in the castle ruin in Neideck is definitely a hike that you mustn’t miss!


Accompany me on this beautiful, 11-kilometre-long trail that features manageable, smooth ascents that are not only divers, but also show a multitude of different facets the region has to offer.

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